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Other business contacts (6)
The stock exchange for business contacts within the food branch. If you offer to co-operation here, favorable participation possibilities or other business contacts find.
Bakery requirements mix (31) new
Bakery requirements mix - several bakeshop machines in an advertisement e.g. with dissolutions of baker's shop or for baker's shop advertiser, who is it too much expenditure to provide for each bakeshop machine their own advertisement.
Baker's shop raw material stock exchange (4)
The raw material stock exchange for baker's shop raw materials in large quantities such as flour milk full milk powder fruit sugar Nuesse Oelsaaten of eggs Eiprodukte of raw materials
Transportation baskets storage vessel (0)
Transportation baskets transport container storage vessel of camp baskets camp boxes carriage thermal boxes
Flour balance effort balance (1)
Flour balance small component dosage small component balance balances balancing technology production balance effort balance
Flour silo siloanlage camp (1)
Camp need flour silo mehlsiloanlage storage facilities siloanlagen for raw material storage, small components of intermediate products and finished products flour silo siloanlagen of camp shelves of storage systems storage facility shipping technology
Sour paste plants other for paste production (3)
Sour paste plants of sour-paste-ready bread fermenters bread mixer yeast radiator Brueher Bruehanlage Restbrotzerkleinerer remainder bread preparation pellet mill corn mill
Spiral kneading machine (29) new
Spiral kneading machine spiral kneading machines kneading machine paste kneading machine load kneading machine knetmaschinen
Stroke kneading machine (6) new
Stroke kneading machine kneading machine paste kneading machine load kneading machine knetmaschinen
Knetmaschinen other one (2)
Other knetmaschinen high-speed kneading machine mixer cone kneading machine double cone kneading machine impact lever kneading machine spiral kneading machine double lever kneading machine continuous kneading machines kneading machine plant
Notice machines electric mixers (8) new
Notice machine electric mixer planet electric mixer and similar bakeshop machines and bakery requirements to the mass production production of masses and fillings
Paste divisor roll presses Teigabwieger (20)
Bakeshop machines to the paste divide and weigh out also lifting dump truck paste divisor paste press volume paste divisor roll press head machines Ciabattateigteiler
Rundwirker_Langroller (7) new
Rundwirker Kegelrundwirker Langwirker Baguette Langroller crescent scooter
Brotanlagen bread lines (2) new
Baker's shop technology for bread production complete brotanlagen bread lines
Broetchenanlagen roll lines (15) new
Broetchen-Anlagen broetchenanlagen Broetchenlinen for roll production cut roll plant roll plant
Unrolling machines cut table (3)
New unrolling machine used as well as unrolling machines of cut tables paste unrolling machines crescent scooter Plunderlinien
Baker's shop technology (6) new
Other baker's shop technology bakeshop machines for paste processing
Confectionery baker's shop special machines (14) new
Special baker's shop confectionery machines confectionery need such as Sahneblaeser cream equipment ice-cream machine filling machine cream digester tree cake machine Donutmaschine spraying machines chocolate covering machine training machine pastry moulding machine...
Industrielle plants for baking goods production (4)
Complete complete lines to industriellen production of baking goods Plunder cake of cookies complete manufacture lines for baking goods. See also in
Froster fermenting circuit breaker (12)
Baker's shop Froster baker cold weather equipment for the refrigeration technology in the baker's shop refrigeration technology such as fermenting circuit breaker Froster Schockfroster cooling cell refrigerant plants cooling technology such as cold-storage depot cooltainer
Floor baking-oven (29) new
Baking technology for the furnace range: Etagenofen also to floor baking-oven you find here your etagenofen whether electrical etagenofen oelbeheitzt or gasbeheitzter floor baking-oven
Stick furnace (13) new
Stick furnace hot-air furnace stick baking-oven
Fettbackgeraete (4) new
Fettbackgeraete fat baking run plants fettback-Geraet to the Ausbacken of Krapfen and/or. Berlin
Baking technology other baking-ovens (12)
Other baking technology such as net belt kiln continuous furnace thermal oil furnace wood baking-oven stone baking-oven special furnace
Decorate a glazing an improving (1)
Bakeshop machines confectionery machines confectionery need to decorating glazing and improving baking goods confectionery goods covering machines Geleesprueher jelly radiator keeping at a moderate temperature equipment
Dishwashers cleaning machines (2)
Dishwashers cleaning machines for the baker's shop confectionery: Dishwashers, spruehreiniger, plate cleaning agent sheet metal blowroom machines, crate dishwashers, building cleaning, baking-oven cleaning, bodenreinigungsmaschinen air sterilization, disinfection, UV devices
Bread cutter packaging machine commissioning (4)
Equipment machines around baking goods to pack baking goods distribute and to kommissionieren larger bread cutter, packaging machine of kleingeraete labelling machine bag packaging machine
Sales car (13) new
Sales car for the baker's shop sales vehicle sales car again or uses sales vehicles distribution vehicle cooling vehicle mobile market conditions sales pavilion sales station sales container
Shop baking-oven (21) new
Shop baking-oven with or without computer price increase fermenting cabinet for the Backshop and baking goods sales in the sales office. Hot-air furnace Brezelbackofen Brezelbackautomat and other furnaces for the sale
Coffee machine Espressomaschine (3)
For the Stehcafé or correct Café coffee machine Espressomaschine coffee plant filter coffee machine Bruehautomat Bruehsaeule coffee container coffee automat Espressomaschine
EDP ladenkasse baker's shop often commodity (3)
Cash register ladenkasse cashes p.o.s. system used cashes computer cash registers other for the EDP and baker's shop often commodity
Other Backshop of devices (4) new
Machines and kleingeraete for the Backshop sale baking goods sales. Of the electrical Fliegenfaenger small bread cutter cooling mechanism fan air conditioning system up to the roll cutter
Shop mechanism (22) new
Shop mechanism shop bar shop furniture of shop furniture for the sales of baking goods complete shop mechanism individual shop furniture such as shop bar, except shop baking-oven and kleingeraete. Shop loading of the bread shelf cake bar up to the shop bar
Baking goods retailer (3)
Baking trade: Find the correct baking goods supplier or customer of your baking goods here. Buy to go with some of the baking goods assortment in quality relating to crafts
Residual item other (0)
Residual item of all kinds for and of the baker's shop residual item of raw materials residual item equipment or residual item of machine parts


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